December 6, 2014

Unwrap a Gift Linky Party!

We are so excited for you to unwrap a gift from Kelly and Kim's Kreations! Our gift includes four different Christmas themed activities for your young learners. There is no prep involved in any of these activities, everything is done for you! Check out pictures of these goodies in action below:

Who's got a beard that long and white?
Who wears boots and a suit of red?
Who wears a long cap on his head?
It must be Santa!
Your children will have a jolly old time labeling and coloring Santa. A word bank is included to help the children match the words and spell them correctly. This is a good activity to reinforce coloring, writing, and letter/sound relationships. 

Elf Roll and Color
These roll and color activities are such a big motivator in our classrooms. The children love rolling the dice, counting how many all together, and then coloring in the picture. The more we play these games, the better they are getting at subitizing and adding! They even beg to take some home to keep the fun going at night!

Mixed Up Sentences
 Learning how to read can be so hard. The key is to make the learning fun! These mixed up sentences are sure to be a hit! Our children had such a great time using the illustration of an adorable penguin getting ready for Christmas to help them assemble a sentence. First, the children cut out all the words that were included.

They then read all the words and moved them around to put a sentence together that made sense. 

Then, they laid the sentence out on their paper in the correct order. Before gluing, they reread their sentence to make sure it made sense and matched the illustration. 

After their sentences was glued in the correct order, the children then copied the sentence to work on correct letter formation and writing conventions. 

Trim a Tree Graphing
The tree is decorated for the big day! How many of each decoration were put on the tree this year? In this activity, children will practice their graphing skills by counting how many ornaments are on the tree and then graphing the data. There are questions about the graph included also. 

You can unwrap your gift by clicking here or on the picture below! Merry Christmas!

There are even more gifts waiting to be unwrapped. 
Head on over to the Primary Gal's Blog to check them out! 
We hope you find what you wished for! 


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