February 1, 2015

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (February 2nd - 6th)

Please add your link below to join the linky fun!
Link a product from your TpT store that you would like to "markdown" until Friday, February 6th.
How much you markdown your product is up to you! We would love it if you displayed your product on your blog and then link back to us. Thanks so much and have fun!
If you're not selling, but looking for bargains, please check out the fabulous discounted products in the linky party below! (Be sure to check back again, as teachers may be adding products throughout the week.)

This week we are featuring:
It is 50% off!
Click on the picture above to check it out in our store!

"Stinky Sweeties" is a Valentine's Day-themed literacy center that is a hit with our children! We're not sure if it's popular because they're stinky, or they're holding hands, or they're in "looooooovvvvveeee," or maybe the kids just love to spell words and match pictures. ;-) Children can use their auditory and visual skills to blend onsets and rimes to create a word that matches the correct picture. They'll be blending, reading, and identifying lots of words and pictures with this adorable literacy center!

Your children can select a heart with a picture on it, name the word, and then segment the beginning sound (onset) and the rest of the word (rime). They should then find the two skunks that match the onsets and rimes and create the word on the heart when blended together.

We have also included a recording sheet for students to write down their matches and practice reading and writing familiar words.

We hope your children enjoy these "stinky sweeties!"

And.......double bonus today...
Don't forget that the rest of our store is still 20% for the Score Big Super Sale!
Happy shopping!

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