March 1, 2015

Lakeshore Product Review and a Discount Coupon for YOU!

We were so excited when Lakeshore contacted us about reviewing one of their newest products. Do you know who was even more excited when the box arrived? Our children!! They were so excited to see what was inside and to dive right in to it!

This set includes 53 pieces of different colors and 24 direction cards. The pieces are big and sturdy and fit together easily. The direction cards that are included offer three different levels of objects to build. The green cards are easy, the yellow cards are medium, and the red cards are hard.
 Each card is two sided. The front shows the completed project the children will be building, along with the pieces they will need to complete the project. The back of the card shows step by step directions, using illustrations, for the children to follow to complete the assembly of their object. A card stand is also included for easy viewing of the card.

Here is an example of an easy card (a frog requiring 8 pieces):
First, the child laid out the pieces she will need.

Then, she started building!

The final product:

Here is an example of a medium card (a robot requiring 14 pieces):

Let the building begin:

Cute robot!

Here is an example of a hard card (a truck requiring 22 pieces):

He's ready to work:

Terrific truck!

We also challenged two children to build something on their own. We gave them ten builders randomly out of the bag and let them work. They tried several different ideas while working.

They finally decided on a tree with a chicken house sitting next to it. Ha!

Bottom line: We love this product! Here is why:
*it is engaging
*it is hands-on
*it is good for fine motor
*it encourages cooperative learning
*it promotes language development
*it promotes creativity
*it requires following directions
*it is easy to follow and understand
*product is of good quality

Thank you, Lakeshore!!

Lakeshore would also like to offer all of you a 20% coupon for your next order. You can get it here. Hurry and take advantage of this today, because the coupon will expire on 3/31/15.
Happy shopping!

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