March 15, 2015

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (March 16th - 20th)

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This week we are featuring:
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Our students love these vehicle classification activities! They are a great addition to your social studies unit on transportation. This pack includes large sorting cards with words, small sorting cards to use in a center, a transportation book sort, and a graphic organizer sort. 

Large Sorting Cards and Labels

Use these cards to sort different types of transportation based on how they travel: by land, by air, or by sea. Each vehicle has a word that matches the picture. The great thing about this is that you can differentiate this activity based on the needs of your students. You may chose to leave the words attached or cut them apart. Then the children can either sort just the vehicle pictures or they can sort the pictures and then match the words too! There are so many possibilities and the activity is great for building vocabulary and background knowledge with your students. 

Small Sorting Cards and Labels

This smaller version of the sorting activity is a good small group or center activity. The children can work together to sort the vehicles. This is also a good activity to help practice the new vocabulary words for those children that may not be familiar with some of the types of transportation depicted. 

How We Travel Book
This pack also includes a book where you can have the children color and then sort the pictures onto the correct pages. We have also included words for the children to match to the vehicles to help reinforce their knowledge of beginning, medial, and ending sounds of words.

Sorting Chart

We have also provided the choice of a classification chart. It serves the same purpose as the book above. The only difference is the words are already a part of the picture of the vehicle and this sort is done on a graphic organizer format.

We hope you enjoy this pack!

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