March 1, 2015

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Happy March to you! With St. Patrick's Day coming up we thought we would mark down our Shamrock Centers this week. We have included several centers for both reading and math.
Here is a look at the centers in action in our classrooms:

Scrambled Sight Words
This is a fun way to practice sight words!! Each card has a sight word on it that is all mixed up. The children need to figure out which sight word it is and write the word on the provided recording sheet. We have also included movable letters for the children to manipulate to help them out.

Complete or Incomplete Sentence Sorting
In this center, children will read each card to determine if what they are reading is a complete sentence or not. They will then sort them under the appropriate headings.

I Spy
This center is among the children's favorites in our classrooms. They love to use the magnifying glass to find the hidden words. In this version, all the words are St. Patrick's Day related. The children use a dry erase marker to record all the words they find. 

Write the Room
The children love walking around the classroom looking for words that begin with the letters that make up theme related words. We have two versions included in this pack: leprechaun and shamrocks.

Place Value
There are some adorable animals helping the children learn about place value in this center. The children should read the card to determine how many tens and ones each animal has. They can show this on the math mat we have provided using base ten blocks. Once the child has determined what the number is, they can write it onto the recording sheet.

Secret Shamrock Numbers
This math center gives children practice with those tricky hundreds chart mystery numbers. They can place any numeral in the center and use their knowledge of the hundreds chart to fill in the other spaces. This can also be differentiated by controlling the number cards children can choose from, having them complete with dry erase markers instead, and so on.

Roll and Color
All the children need here is a paper, pencil and/or crayons, and two dice to roll a leprechaun for St Patrick's Day! They can roll two dotted dice, a numeral die and a dotted die, or two numeral dice to make this game fit the different levels of learners in your classroom! Add up the sets and/or numerals on each die, find the sum, and color away. Our children LOVE thematic roll-a-picture activities in our classrooms!

We hope you and your children will love these literacy and math centers for St. Patrick's Day!  
(And if they're anything like our students are with all of our thematic centers, they won't want to you pack them up after the month is over!)

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