April 19, 2015

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Fascinating Frogs is a thematic bundle that includes reading, writing, math, science, and art for your classroom. This is a great pack to use during your study of ponds, frogs, or spring!

Frog Lifecycle
During this theme, we teach the frog lifecycle. We do this by reading non-fiction text as well as singing songs about frogs. The children complete their own lifecycle too!

Frog Life Cycle Cube Game
We absolutely love playing cube games in our classrooms. Not only do they help our students learn how to use tally marks, graph, and interpret graphs; they are also good for vocabulary development, sharing, working in groups, etc. The best part is the children love them too!
 This cube also reinforces the stages in the frog's lifecycle. We like to put our children in groups of 2-3 children. First, they roll the cube:

Then they state their roll in a complete sentence. "I rolled back legs."

For each roll, the children make a tally mark:

When the game is complete, children transfer their data over to their graph.

Children then interpret their graph but answering the questions provided.  

Predictable Readers
Students will practice their reading skills by reading about the lifecycle of a frog. These predictable readers include high frequency words the children are learning. There are two levels included.

Text Based Journals
This book is a great read while you are teaching about the frog lifecycle. This adorable little tadpole wishes he could jump like his mommy. She reassures him that one day he will. This starts the tadpole's fun adventure. He meets several animals along the way that also like the jump.
After reading, children complete their journal: What was your favorite part of the story and why?

Harry can't wait until he is able to catch is own food. As he sets out to look for something good to eat, he discovers it isn't as easy as he thought it would be. Just as he is about to give up, he sees something he has never seen before.....
We like to work on predictions while reading this book. We stop reading on the page shown below. Children are taught to use what they already know about Harry from the previous pages in the book, as well as to examine this page carefully to see if they see what Harry sees. 
The children then go to their tables to make their prediction.
After they have made their prediction, we come back together and finish reading the story. We check our predictions against the story. It's okay if our predictions aren't the same as the story, as long as they make sense. They then complete the journal by writing what actually happened in the story.

This is such a fun book to read. The big wide mouthed frog hops along on a journey meeting new animals as he goes. He doesn't know these animals so he asks them, "Who are you and what do you eat?" Since he doesn't know them, he uses one of their body features while addressing them. For example: "Hey you big black nose!"
Before reading, we read our children the clues that represent what the frog called the animals to see if they can guess what animals the frog will meet before we read. 
Big Thumping Feet
Big Black Nose
Animal Hanging Upside Down
Three Long Toes
Knobby Brown Log

After reading children complete a journal by writing a new clue to an animal the big wide mouthed frog could meet on his journey. How you have children complete this assignment is up to interpretation. We have done it many different ways. One way is to have the children write their clue in the same pattern as the book. You could also have the children write clues to a new animal that doesn't give the animal away and the other children will have to try and guess. 

Write the Room
We have included four different Write the Room papers in this pack. Each word is related to the frog theme: amphibian, froglet, tadpole, and lily pad. Children will look around the room for a word that starts with each letter of the bigger word and copy the word. Write the Room is one of the children's favorite centers in our classrooms!

Paper Plate Frog ~ Art Activity
You will love this fun art activity! All you need is a white paper plate, black and green paint, construction paper, and the pattern we have included in this pack. 
First, paint one side of the paper plate black. After it dries, paint the other side green.
After the paper plates dry, children will cut out the pattern and assemble the frog.
The final product! These frogs are adorable!

Frogs vs Toads
What are the differences between frogs and toads? What are the similarities? We have included facts about each for the children to create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the two. You can do this activity after teaching in a whole group or you can use it as a challenge for individual work. Here you see two children researching the information to complete the activity together. 

Students will name the picture on each lilypad and find the frog with the word's correct digraph to put on the lilypad. We have included several words for each digraph. The digraph may come in the beginning, middle, or end of the word.

Children will read the story problem and complete the part/part/whole chart included. This is a great center for your children to practice their subtraction skills.

This pack also includes a KWL chart and several bw versions of the venn diagram that we have not included in the photos. We hope you enjoy this pack. There are so many possibilities!
Have a great week!


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