May 24, 2015

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We LOVE to learn about ocean animals of all kinds, especially whales!! This is such a high-interest theme and the children are always so engaged and excited to learn about these giants of the ocean!

We start by gathering information about what the children already know about whales by filling out a KWL chart. We also recorded any questions they had about whales.
The main character, Emily, thinks she has a whale in her pond. She writes a letter to her teacher, Mr. Blueberry, to tell him all about this exciting news. Mr. Blueberry writes her back and assures here that she does not have a whale in her pond because they need to live in salt water. The letters continue between Emily and Mr. Blueberry and as a result Emily (and our children too) learned a lot about whales. 

After reading, we like to check for comprehension so the children answer questions about the book. They LOVE these questions so much, they cheer for them! There are 10 multiple choice questions related to the story.

Children also work in cooperative groups to complete a sentence sorting activity. Children will read the sentences and determine if it is something that is true about whales or not based on what they learned from the book. They sort the sentences by fantasy or reality.

Children then complete a journal independently. Each child wrote one sentence that tells something that is fantasy about whales and one sentence that tells something that is reality.

Included in this pack is a math lesson for your students to practice addition and subtraction with number stories. Children will read the number story and use the ocean animal manipulatives to help solve the problem. They will also use the numbers and symbols included to build a matching equation.

We have also included an assessment for your students to complete after the lesson. 

Also included is "What's on a Whale?" This is used for children to label the parts of a whale using vocabulary words that are included in a word bank.

While teaching about whales we like to complete a whale book. This whale book serves as a mini fact book for the children to create and keep. We learn facts about whales in general as well as concentrate on four types of whales. This book includes facts about killer whales, humpback whales, blue whales, and beluga whales. We also have a PowerPoint that we have put together to help in teaching these facts.  You can find it here in our store. 

This book contains five pages that the children complete through writing, drawing, cutting, and gluing.

We have had a great time learning about whales in our classes and we hope your children will too!


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