June 21, 2015

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (June 22nd - 26th)

Please add your link below to join the linky fun!
Link a product from your TpT store that you would like to markdown until Friday, June 26th.
How much you markdown your product is up to you! We would love it if you displayed your product on your blog and then linked back to us. Thanks so much and have fun!
If you aren't selling, but looking for great bargains, please check out the fabulous discounted products in the linky party below! Be sure to check back again, as teachers may be adding products throughout the week. We don't want you to miss any of these great deals!

This week we are featuring:
It is 50% off!
Click on the picture above to check it out in our store.

Number Line Nonsense is a fun and engaging interactive PowerPoint for your students to practice identifying the missing numbers on a number line. This PowerPoint provides practice for numbers 0-120! Each slide has multiple choice answers for the question asked. Students will be asked to find the missing number, find the part of the number line where a given number belongs, or to also find multiple missing numbers for a section of a number line. 

When the correct answer is chosen, the children will see one of several adorable monsters to let them know their answer is correct! They will then click the next arrow to move on to the next question.

If the incorrect answer is chosen, the children will see a slide that will tell them to try again. They will be able to click on the back arrow to answer the question again.

This PowerPoint can be played with your whole class on a SmartBoard or television with a presenter hooked up to it. Our students also love being able to play this game again in the computer center.

We also have another version of this PowerPoint that is good for the review of numbers 0-20, which is one of our bestsellers! You can find it in our store here

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