July 9, 2015

Fun with Splash Balls!!

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, we are going to go WAAAAAAAAAAAY back to three weeks ago, the last week of school! Our friend, Cara Taylor (Creative Playground), wrote a post on our collaborative blog, The Primary Pack, about a unique end of the year gift for your students.
Splash Balls!!!
You can read Cara's post here! She shows you how to make these fun and easy gifts!

They were so easy to make! The children were so excited just to help making them! They loved the colors and just thought they were "cool!" We chose to use 5 strips of sponges, we thought that worked the best for us. 

We had a GREAT time with these splash balls. We went right outside of both of our classrooms, took several containers of water with us, and just had a blast!! It was a fun way to spend part of our last day of school with our children!! These pictures tell it all:

Thanks to Cara for such a great idea!! We had so much fun and the joy on the children's faces says it all. It was the perfect way to end our school year together. 

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