September 27, 2015

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (September 28th - October 2nd)

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This week we are featuring:
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We just LOVE this book! Who can resist these adorable little mice as they discover the mixing of colors! We love it so much that we just had to make these reading and math activities to go along with it. Here is a look into what is included:

Retelling is a skill that we spend a lot of time on throughout the school year. It can be difficult for some children to get the events in order and not leave out the important details. They like to tell what their favorite part is or go right to the end. We like to give them visuals whenever we can to help them out. We have included a retelling card the children can use while retelling Mouse Paint with a partner. It offers picture clues to help prompt them of the order of events. We have included a larger version of the retelling card for the teacher to use as a model.

This is seriously the most fun ever! We give each child a white mouse cut out of card stock:

We then put out three bowls of paint with the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. We dilute the paint with water so it is runny. The children then pick two of the colors they want to jump their mouse into. We jump it into one color first, pat it dry on a paper towel, jump it into the next bowl of paint, mix the paints by rubbing fingers over it, and let dry. 

We use this journal to display our cute mice! On one we glue the dried mouse showing his new and improved color! On the other side the child is to draw a picture that shows how the mouse changed colors. Here you can see the white mouse jumped first into yellow paint. The yellow mouse then jumped into the blue paint and then turned green. The children then copy a sentence that tells what happened on the lines provided. Children can independently also if they are ready!

Your children will have so much fun making patterns with these colorful cards. The cards are color coded for easy organization, but be careful to watch out for tricks!

This activity can be done in either small groups or as a large group activity.

Thank you for hanging out with us today! We hope you have enjoyed reading about our Marvelous Activities Mouse Paint! Have a great week!

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