December 13, 2015

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (December 14th - 18th)

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These gingerbread houses and cookies are sure to put a smile on every one's face. They are just so adorable and hard to resist. Each gingerbread house is the home of a certain word family. The children will need to look at the picture on the gingerbread's belly and match them to their house. We have also included a self-checking answer key so they can see how well they did!

I spy with my little eye kindergartners having fun while learning! I Spy is one of our children's favorite fast finishers activities. They search the scene for hidden holiday words with a magnifying glass and then write the word on the recording sheet. We always encourage them to decode and read the words.

This game includes Dolch words on the Pre-Primer, Primer, First, Second, and Third Grade lists. We have included a lot of words so it is easier for you to differentiate to the levels of your children. Children will mix up the cards face down to create a draw pile. Each child who is playing the game should have their own game board. Players will take turns turning over a card and reading the sight word. If they can read it, they will find the holiday item name on their game board to match the holiday item picture on the sight word card. If that space on their game board is already covered, they lose their turn. If they cannot read their word, they can either draw another card or lose their turn, up to you! Players will take turns until both players have filled their game board and can read all of the words they collected. Another game full of fun and learning for all!

We saw the idea of this sight word game on Facebook from HeidiSongs and we fell in love. We knew our children would have a blast so we just had to recreate it for ourselves. We put sight words on the Santa cards that we have been learning in kindergarten. When you play the game you tape a picture of a present on the back of one of the Santa cards. A child chooses a card and then reads the word. If the word is read correctly, they turn over the card and see if they have found the present! 

Children will strengthen their knowledge of place value with this cute activity. They will match the correct toy sack to the right polar bear Santa. The toy sacks each have base ten blocks (tens and ones) that need to be counted and matched to the numeral on each Santa's hat. 

These adorable spinners are a hit in our classrooms!
These spinners are a great way for the children to practice their addition skills. We have included three different mats for easy differentiation. One mat has sets on each spinner that the children will add by counting how many. Another mat has a spinner with numerals and a spinner with sets. Children will first roll the number spinner and then count on to add the set. The last mat has numerals on each spinner for the children to add together. Each mat has a place for the children to record their number sentence after spinning.

We have included these print-and-go activities to help you in your planning during this busy time of the year. You can put them in your classroom centers or use as holiday themed homework.
Here is a little peek of what is included:
Your children will have so much fun labeling and coloring fun pictures of Santa, a baker, and a Christmas tree. They will use the word bank provided to find the correct word.
Mixed Up Sentences
Learning how to read can be so hard. The key is to make the learning fun! These mixed up sentences are sure to be a hit! The children cut out all the words that are included. Then, they arrange the words to form a sentence that matches the picture and makes sense. We have included two scenes for you to choose from.
Count and Graph
We have included three different scenes for your children to practice their graphing skills. Each page also has two versions. One asks children to tally first and then graph while the other asks them to color and graph. Here is one of them:
Children need two dice to play this game. They will roll the dice, count, and add the dots on the two dice altogether, and then color the part of their picture with the correct numeral of the sum of their two dice. They keep playing until the whole picture is colored. There are five different pictures included.
Thanks for stopping by and reading all about our Crazy About Christmas centers. We hope you enjoy them in your classroom too!
Happy Holidays to all!


  1. Great holiday ideas! An thank you for the linky party!


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