December 19, 2015

Reindeer Fun! (directed drawing)

We have been wanting to try our hand at one of the directed drawings we see all the time. They are just so cute and look like so much fun! We are happy to say we finally did one today! Yay!!
Credit goes to ARTventurous for the awesome idea! We changed the directions slightly to meet our needs and we had our kindergartners use crayons instead of paint and they are just as adorable!

We read each direction to the children one at a time and modeled each step as went as well. The children were so excited and with each new step, the excitement grew.

When all drawings were done we put them on the floor so we could all walk around and look at them. The children were so complimentary and gave each other such sweet feedback. To hear them telling each other what a great job they did and how much they like each other's drawings really made our teacher hearts happy! The children said it was so much fun! We are looking forward to our next one!

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