January 4, 2016

Back to School with a Cold Lady

After a much needed and very nice winter break, we are back to school today. It is actually starting to feel like winter around here as well. We have been so lucky so far this winter with very mild weather. We have had a lot of rain, but it has been warm. So, it was actually very fitting today that we read There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow. We just love these little old ladies. Is there anything she won't eat we wonder? Hmmm.....

After reading we worked with a partner to retell the story by sequencing the main events. We have two different ways in which we like to accomplish this task. One way is we actually feed a "cold lady" the pieces from the story (in order) while using our own words to tell what happened. It is so much fun to see the pieces going down into her belly. The second way we do this is by building the snowman as we retell what happened in order. The children loved both ways and wanted to be able to change groups so they could do both. Haha.

After working in groups for retelling, children worked on their journals independently at their tables. They had to write about their favorite part of the story and tell why they liked it and then draw a picture to match. Just look at this hard worker!

Children then worked on an interactive mini book where they had to fill in the missing words of each sentence using the picture clues. We gave them a list of words to choose from so they had to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to determine which word was the correct one. After the book was complete, they then read it with a partner. 

Our cold lady fun didn't stop there! We continued the fun during math time by collecting data using tally marks. Children worked in groups and took turns spinning the spinner. 

We had a great first day back! We were very busy, but had a lot of fun while learning! 
What kind of fun things did you do today?

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