January 3, 2016

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (January 4th - 8th)


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This week we are featuring:
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Your children will have fun practicing ABC order with these adorable winter cards and words. They can work with a partner or by themselves. 

Children will identify the name of the picture shown. They will say the word out loud to identify the beginning sound of the word. Using the letters provided, children will place the letter at the beginning of the word and then read the word to check the correct letter has been chosen.

We just love interactive books! The children enjoy coloring the pictures to help provide the illustrations for each page. Children will read each sentence, paying close attention to the underlined word(s). They will then need to find the picture that matches and add it to the book. They can then read the book to themselves or to a friend! We love to read!

This "Super Snowman" mini book will provide practice with concepts of print and beginning reading skills. Children will have a blast reading about how to build a snowman and will be ready to build their own when the snow begins to fall!

We have included both a colored version and a black and white version for you. Children will use the letters from the word "snowflakes" to make new words. The children are able to manipulate the letters which is a big help! When they make a new word, they will record it on the sheet provided. There are so many fun things you can do with this activity! 

These adorable snowmen are alike but yet so different. Children will lay the snowman out on the carpet so they can see them all clearly. They will then read the sentences that are included one at a time and match it to the correct snowman. The sentences have to do with their mittens, their scarf, or even their hat. For example: "I have four red buttons." 

Here is another fun game for your children to play, Chilly Challenge Memory Game. All the cards have winter-themed words on them! Who doesn't enjoy a fun game of memory?

We have also included a favorite of all five year olds we know, Write the Room! Seriously, they love it!! We have included the words snowflakes and snowmen. The children walk around the room looking for words that start with each letter shown.When they find a word, they write it on the lines provided. 

These pages are a great addition to your centers and will help encourage writing in a fun way! They can practice handwriting, spelling, sentence writing, and story writing.

We have been working on number sentences and number stories a lot lately and the children are really starting to grasp the concept. We made this adorable center to help reinforce these skills in a fun way. These snowman are feeling cold out in the snow without a warm hat on their head! So, the children will come to the rescue and find that perfect hat! Children will count the buttons on the snowmen to add the sets of colors and find the correct sum of all the buttons together. Then, they will find the hat with the correct number sentence and place it on each snowman's head. Now the snowmen are ready to face the cold winter days!

These Roll and Color activities are favorites in our classrooms! The children will roll two dice, count and add the dots on the two dice all together. They will then color the part of their snowman that has the numeral that is the sum of the two dice. Children will continue to play by taking turns and coloring each part of the snowman one at a time. If a part of the snowman is already colored, then the child who rolled must skip their turn. Children will be learning through counting and adding and having some plain 'ol fun. Some of the children can get very competitive while playing their friends!

Children will take turns rolling the cube and tallying each picture that is rolled on their recording sheet. After taking several turns each children will count up their tally marks and write the numeral that shows how many times they rolled each picture. They will then transfer the data onto a graph and then interpret that data by answering several questions. 

Children can practice their patterning skills in this colorful center! We have included pattern cards to help the children build patterns using the winter-themed clipart or they can use the cards provided and make up their own patterns! 

Thanks for hanging out with us today! We hope everyone is rested and ready to get back to work after a well deserved break!


  1. My Snowman Unit is on sale through the week. I love you blog, and am your newest follower. Thank you for hosting and collaborating on TPT forums.

    1. Thank you so much!!! We appreciate you also. Thanks for visiting and for following. Have a great evening!


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