March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did everyone remember to wear their green today? If not, did you get pinched? Are you eating corned beef and cabbage for dinner? Does the leprechaun bring your children presents? Seriously, this one we really want an answer to......things have changed over the years. Haha.

We started our day with a fog delay, which put a little damper on our plans since that means school starts 90 minutes later than usual. It really was bad out there this morning so it was a good call. We live in a big county with lots of back roads and farmland, so it really isn't safe for the children to stand at the bus stops when the visibility is so low. For those of you out there wondering what a fog delay is, it was new to us when we moved here too! Haha.

Here are a few of our cuties dressed up for the day!

We were so excited to make our Pot 'o Sight Words today! It was a fun way to show off  how hard the children have worked to learn their sight words! The children colored and cut out their pots:

Next, they decorated their rainbows. We gave them strips of construction paper that they cut into smaller pieces to fill in each color of the rainbow. So much fun!

Then they went to find their gold to put at the end of their rainbow. They searched through a huge pile of  sight words to find five that they could read.
They then colored their coins, cut them out and put their Pot 'o Sight Words together! We are so proud of our accomplishments!

We also had a lot of fun doing a directed drawing of a leprechaun. We got the directions from First Grade Blue Skies. These directed drawings are quickly becoming one of our favorite things to do!
We had a very busy, yet fun, day! We didn't get everything done, but we still have tomorrow to finish it all up! We hope everyone had a great time today celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

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