July 3, 2016

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Ocean Patterns is a great way for your children to practice finding the missing pieces of patterns and naming patterns. It allows them to use reasoning skills to solve a problem. Children can work by themselves or with others in a cooperative group. 

We have included everything you will need for this lesson: exploration, teacher modeling, cooperative group materials, and an individual assessment. The great thing about the lesson materials is that they are one-time prep! All you have to do is print, laminate, cut, and store. You will have this lesson ready to go right at your fingertips for years to come!

During exploration we like to give small groups of children materials for them to manipulate and discuss. We ask them questions to help get them started and thinking about math. For example: What do you think we may be learning about today? What could you do with these cards to practice math? 

We then ask each group to share their thoughts and what they think we might be learning today. Their answers include: 
"We will be sorting." 
"We could make patterns." 
"We could count them."

At the end of exploration, we explain to the children that we will be learning about how to find the missing parts of patterns and name different patterns as well. We then move into the modeling example that we have included in this lesson for you. 
We like to put our children into groups of 2-4 children. Each group gets pattern name cards, pattern strips, and missing pattern pieces.

Children will examine each strip and look at the parts of the pattern that are shown. They will use the pieces provided to work through figuring out the missing pieces of each pattern. 

We like to walk around and listen to each group as they work through the patterns together. It is a great opportunity for us to listen to their use of math talk, their ability to work through the task, as well as their ability to work with and listen to others. 
After completing the patterns the children are to name each one by placing the correct pattern name card next to each strip.  
We then encourage them to go back and check their work to make sure each pattern is done correctly and matches the label they have given it. 

We like to add Velcro to the pattern strips and pattern pieces. This helps to keep the pattern pieces in place while the children are working. It is also easy for the children to take pieces apart during clean-up.

We have also included an individual assessment for you to use after the lesson to check for understanding. You will be able to assess their ability to analyze a pattern, find its missing pieces, and name the pattern correctly. 

Thank you so much for visiting! We hope everyone has a great week and a Happy 4th of July! Thank you to all of those that have served or are currently serving in the military so we can live in the "Land of the Free!" 


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