August 14, 2016

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This week we are featuring:
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This pack is full of literacy and math activities for the fun alphabet books by Audrey Wood: Alphabet MysteryAlphabet Adventure, and Alphabet Rescue.

Our children LOVE these books and the activities to go along with them in whole group, small groups, and classroom centers. The children love searching the school for 'Little x' who is missing, just like in Alphabet Mystery, and we continue with more fun with the other two books and it makes for a great few days full of alphabet antics in our kindergarten classrooms!

Here are a few of the skills covered and materials included in this pack that coordinate with these books:

~Picture to Letter Matching~
After reading Alphabet Adventure, ask students if they can remember or if they noticed what each letter tried to give to little i to replace his lost dot. Work together to put the lowercase letters in order. We like to line them up across our classroom carpet to allow for enough space to order them in a long line with space to
then place the pictures below each letter. Give each child a picture card, prompting them to say the word for the picture and begin to think about what letter the word begins with to figure out which letter found the object for little i. This letter-matching activity also makes for a great independent literacy center to use in your classroom!

~Uppercase to Lowercase Letter Matching~
We like to use these cards after reading Alphabet Rescue. The cards can be used in many ways. You can put them in a center where the children work to match the capital to its lower case letter or you can complete the activity as a partner match. Either way, there will be a lot of fun and engaging learning happening!

~Comparing & Contrasting Stories~
After reading Alphabet Mystery and Alphabet Adventure, we use these Venn diagram cards to compare and contrast the two stories. Three items have been included that occurred in each story along with three items that were common between the two stories. These cards are nice to use on a Venn diagram pocket chart, in lists on a regular pocket chart, or sorted on the board or carpet in another way that works for you and your students.

~Counting & Numeral Matching~
This is a great activity for the children to practice their one-to-one correspondence when counting and also practicing their numeral recognition. It goes along with the story Alphabet Adventure. Each ship has a set of letters in it that the children will count. They will then find the correct numeral to match to the ship. 

~Counting & Numeral Writing~
Children will be able to get more practice counting and writing numerals in this engaging activity. We like to put our children into small cooperative groups where they encourage and help each other complete the cards. 

This is a great activity for your children to practice either non-standard to standard measurement. We like to use colored tiles for the students to measure from the letter to the picture that starts with that letter sound. We have also included an individual assessment for you to use to check in with your student's learning.

We have included a journal as a follow-up to each book. Here is an example of one of the journals:
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