September 25, 2016

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (September 26th - October 2nd)

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This week we are featuring:
It is 50% off!
Click on the picture above to check it out in our store.

The pack has 24 pages of retelling, writing, and match activities to go along with this fun book for you to use in your classroom. We hope you love it!

We have a color copy of the old lady in the pack as well as a reproducible one for students to color.

After your students color, cut out the stomach and the mouth and then laminate. After she is laminated, cut the laminating out of her mouth and then attach another piece of card stock on the back and staple together. This makes her belly see-through so you can see the pieces as you feed her.

Here is a child coloring her old lady:

We also have color and reproducible copies of the objects the lady eats in the story.

Here a child is looking back in the book so she colors her pictures the right color.

After examining the book, she gets to work!
Now the old lady is ready to eat!

The children retell the story by sequencing the items she eats while they feed them to the lady. They think it's hilarious that they can feed her and see the pictures in her belly!

The children love to tell the story together or take turns being the storyteller. We like to put our color copies in our reading center for more fun practice later so the children can bring their own ladies home with them.

As a follow-up to the book we have included three journal options to go along with this story. (Why did the old lady swallow some leaves? What do you think the old lady will swallow next? What was  your favorite part of the story?)

This pack also includes a math lesson on data collection and graphing of leaves. There is an exploration of matching tally marks to a set. We like to put our children into groups and give them time to explore the cards and discuss what we might be learning about today. We love to walk around and hear the math vocabulary they are using and how they encourage each other! 
The next part of the lesson is to be used for modeling. We cut out clipart of different colors of leaves. We like to put a string on them and have children put them around their necks. We tell them they are now beautiful fall leaves!
We then sort the children into different groups based on what color leaf they have around their neck. The children giggle as they are being moved around and placed into their different groups.
Now that they are all sorted, what should we do now? Let's count how many of each color we have and record our answers using tally marks. 
We have included questions for you to display and ask the children about the data you collected on the leaves.
Now it's the children's turn to put their knowledge to the test and collect their own data. We have included clipart of different types of leaves (maple, oak, beech) for you to scatter around your room. 

Tell children they are going on a leaf hunt around the room. Give them their data collection sheet (pictured below) and let them go! Tell them to make a tally mark for each leaf they find. 

Lastly, children will record their data onto a graph.

Thanks for stopping by to visit us today. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our product for The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves. Have a great week!

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