October 2, 2016

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This week we are featuring:
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Our Fun Fall Patterns includes three separate sets of patterning cards and five different assessments. The materials included will make differentiation easy for your cooperative groups. Children will have the opportunity to create, extend, name, and identify patterns. The cute graphics are perfect to help keep children engaged in their learning. 

There are pattern labels and cards for children to create nine different patterns. Two of the three sets included have color coded  pieces. For example: the cards with the red outline will only be used for the pattern card with the matching color (AB).

You can have your groups work to create one pattern at a time or let them work together to create all the patterns and lay them out for easy checking and discussion as you circulate among groups.

These pattern cards are a great way to get the children talking! Each pattern set includes trick cards the children need to look out for while they are working together to build the patterns. These cards are also great for problem solving. Since they are limited to the cards with the same color border, they need to problem solve the best way to build the pattern. Here are two different groups working on the same pattern, but have a different result:

The third set of patterns is not color coded so children have the choice to pick the pictures they want to build each pattern to match the pattern name. These also make a perfect center!

We have also included several assessments in this pack. 
"Name That Pattern!" is a great way to assess children's understanding of naming patterns. They are to look at the pattern that is shown and figure out it's name. They will write the pattern name in the line provided. We like to have our children color the pattern also.

"Fantastic Fall Patterns" is another way for children to show their knowledge of pattern names. Children are to look at the completed pattern and then circle the correct pattern name from the choices given. Again, we like our children to color the patterns.

"Fabulous Fall Patterns" provides children with pictures that are the same for each pattern. Their job is to color them to show the pattern that is named.

"Fun Fall Patterns" is a great way for children to problem solve to extend the pattern shown. They should look at the beginning of the pattern and then decide which picture goes next in the sequence. 

"Perfect Patterns" allows children to create their own patterns.

We hope you enjoy our Fun Fall Patterns! Our children had a great time working together in their cooperative groups and figuring out each pattern. They even had fun trying to figure out what our "tricks" were. Have a great week!! 


  1. Thanks so much for hosting! Have a wonderful week!


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