December 11, 2016

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (December 12th - 18th)

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This week we are featuring:
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Playful Penguins will be a great addition to your classroom! This bundle includes literacy, math, and science activities. 

We like to use these Penguin Sentences as a center in our classrooms. Children read each sentence, which is full of sight words and mostly decodable words, to match the pictures. The children match the sentence to the penguin it describes. When finished, they will read the sentences under each penguin again to be sure they matched them correctly.

This is a fun and adorable literacy center to help your students practice their CVC words. Each card has three penguins on it who are spelling out a CVC word. The children will produce the sounds for each letter or “tap out” the word and blend the sounds together to form a word. They will then find a snowball that has a picture on that matched the word produced and add it to the scene on the middle snowball.

This is a great way to have the children practice counting. Counting the penguins in the double ten frames will help children's one-to-one correspondence, counting on, counting by tens, etc. We have also included number cards for the children to match the numeral to the correct set. After children have matched the double ten frames to the correct numeral, we then have them put them in numerical order. 
Children will be practicing writing ten plus more number sentences to match the double ten frames. Some cards will need counters added to match the number sentence, while others will need the addend to be written to match the ten frame. Students will then find the sum to complete each equation correctly. We have an assessment included for this lesson also.

This is easily one of our children's favorite activities to choose during center time. Children will roll two dice, count, and add the dots on the two dice altogether. They then color the part on their picture with the correct numeral that equals the sum of their two dice. Children continue to play the game until their whole picture is colored. 

Children will label the parts of a penguin using their knowledge of penguins and the word bank provided. They can also color the penguin neatly and then show off to everyone they know!

Also included, but not pictured, is a KWL chart for you to use during your unit on penguins.

We hope you enjoy these penguin activities in your classroom!
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!


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