April 2, 2017

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (April 2nd - 9th)

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This week we are featuring:
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Pond Hoppin’ is a math facts fluency game to help your children practice their addition and subtraction skills in a fast, fun, cooperative learning game! In this pack, you get four original, full-color pond scenes with addition and subtraction facts missing, but sums and differences shown. 

Children will work together to fill in the correct equation that fits the scene as well as being matched to the correct sum or difference. 
We like to play this game as a race. Each group is in a race against the others to hop through all the ponds first. We have each group put the ponds scenes in the same order. Before we start the game the children sort their pieces under the correct scene.

We have the children complete one scene at a time. They aren't allowed to hop to the next pond until the pond before it is complete with the correct answers. When they have completed one scene, they raise their hand and we come around to check their answers. If they are all right they move on to the next scene. If not, they have some more work to do!

The children use number lines to help them figure out the sums and differences of the various equations. 

We have included equations that do not match any of the sums or differences in order to challenge the children. We were worried that they would just put the scene together like a puzzle and not actually do the math. This way, they have to to do the math!
Here are the completed scenes:

This game can also be used as a fun math center or fast finisher activity and requires only one-time prep! We have also included an individual assessment for a mixed addition and subtraction fact follow-up activity. Our children absolutely love math fact races and work so well in groups to complete the scenes together!

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  1. Thank you for hosting! Lots of great resources at great prices. Glad I could join :)


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