June 19, 2017

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (June 19th - 25th)

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Thanks so much and have fun!
If you're not selling, but looking for bargains, please check out the fabulous discounted products in the linky party below! 
(Be sure to check back all week as teachers may be adding products throughout the week.)

This week we are featuring:
It is 50% off!
Click on the picture above to check it out in our store!

This week we are featuring one of our favorite creations, Dippin’ Differences! This is a great summer-themed way for your students to practice their basic subtraction facts from 0 to 10! It is a fun, one-time prep subtraction center for your classroom. 

This activity pack includes 66 pages of ice cream scoops and ice cream cones to create math facts. We split the facts up into several different bags (centers) so the children aren't overwhelmed by the number of pieces. We first have them lay all the cones out so they can see the differences that they will need to build equations for. Next, they will look at all of the scoops and start working. We encourage our children to use manipulatives of their choice if they are needed. We are always impressed by their ability to work through the equations, even without manipulatives. 

Children can use these materials as a whole group, in small groups, or at a cooperative or independent math center. We have also included 3 different recording sheets, an individual assessment, and ideas for differentiation.

We hope you enjoy this new ice cream themed center! It is a great way to help your children learn their subtraction facts!
Have a wonderful week!

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