July 10, 2017

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This week we are featuring:
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Are you thinking about changing, adding to, or even just starting a classroom theme? We have always enjoyed having a theme in our classrooms and it has changed many times over the years. However, a few years ago we started a jungle theme in our classes and we fell in love!! Now we keep the same theme and just keep improving it over time. Come and take a look with us!

The great thing about these fun jungle-themed classroom decorations is they are EDITABLE!  You could add your student names and classroom specifics to them to make them fit your needs perfectly!

Check out pictures of the many items included in this huge classroom decor pack...

~Helper Chart~
Customize names and classroom jobs to teach your little jungle animals to take responsibility for their learning environment.

~Classroom Rules~
You can use our rules, create your own, or generate rules with your class.

~Classroom Birthday Chart~
We love these adorable jungle animals and their huts. 
You can type in your student's names and always remember their special day. We have included a one page version as well as a version that you put together as a poster.

~Cubby Tags~
Your cubbies would be super cute with tags...or use them for something else in your classroom too! You pick the font and color since you can edit these on your own computer to your liking!

~Name Tags~
Kelly uses pencil boxes while Kim likes circular crayon jars. The name tag on top is a sample of the one included in this pack. The second one was altered to meet Kim's needs in her classroom.

~Attendance Match Ups~
This is a fun and easy way to see who is at school every day!
They are editable so there are many possibilities on how you can use them. Children can match their first name to their first name, their first name to their last name, or any other way you would like.

~Attitude Board~
Display student names in your classroom for students to choose their attitude at the beginning of  each day. It's a good way to check in with the children and see how they are feeling and can help start a dialogue for you to help them work through their feelings.

~Pencil Containers~
These container labels even give a thematic look to your pencil organization!

~All Purpose Labels~
These labels can be used for so many things. You can get label happy all you want! Haha. Here you see the labels on the children's individual crayon jars.

~Behavior Awards Containers~
We use a ticket system where children can earn or lose jungle animals for classroom behavior, participation, etc. The children LOVE these animals and the incentives they can earn by saving them. Check out our Terrific Tickets to see what classroom rewards we offer...No prize box needed! These name labels organize where students store their saved jungle animals until they can cash in for a ticket.

~Displaying Student Work~
This bulletin board header is a fun way to show off 
all of your students' awesome work!

.~Height Chart~
We take "beginning of the year" and "end of the year" pictures by this wild growth chart to show how much students change throughout the school year. We love it when someone wears the same outfit by coincidence, ha!

~Where are we?~
Need to find us? We hang this beside our classroom door and it is one child's job to change the animal to show where our class is if we're not in our classroom.

~Word Wall Letters~
These are a perfect way to add more to the jungle theme in your classroom.

~Hundreds Chart~
These jungle themed numerals will be your student's go to help with numbers all year long. Our students use them for counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, addition, subtraction, more than, less than....the list goes on and on. 

~First Week Award~
Celebrate getting through the 1st week of school by sending home these adorable awards! They are sure to put a smile on your children's faces!

~Book Marks~
These "Reading is an Adventure" bookmarks match our growth chart and allow our students to bring our jungle-fun home while they're reading!

~Numerals 0-10~
Yes, we're a little jungle-crazy! A couple of years ago we added these fun number, word, and set posters to our classroom displays. (Little secret for you! It is a freebie in our store!) The children use them daily to check their numbers through counting, adding, number word writing, or numeral formation.

~Days of the Week Drawer Labels~
YAY! You found another freebie!
These drawer labels will help you organize your lesson materials for your week while also keeping them adorable and dust-free! We have tons of drawers labeled in this way and it makes your classroom appear neat, tidy, and of course.....thematic! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

This pack also includes more labels and binder covers that aren't pictured here.
Thank you for reading about our Welcome to the Jungle Classroom Decor Pack!

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