November 11, 2017

Sight Word Cans and a FREEBIE!!

Teaching sight words is an important part of the curriculum. So, why is learning sight words, or high frequency words, so important? Sight words help with fluency, comprehension, and confidence in reading and writing...which affect a child's entire lifetime!

In addition to working with them in the classroom, we like for our children to also practice at home. We send a "Sight Word Can" home for each child to store their sight words in for easy access. 

We make the sight word cans out of empty frosting containers.
We ask parents to donate them when they can. They send them in empty and clean which is a big help to us!

We also like to personalize them for all the children by adding a cover to the frosting container with their name. The can is then something that belongs to them and they have ownership over their learning! We have been doing this for several years now and our old students tell us they still have their can!

You can download these Sight Word Can Covers for FREE at the bottom of this post. These covers are editable so you can easily add your student's names and then print!

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get your sight word cans ready for your children:

You can edit the font style, size, and color by clicking in the text box and changing the settings. 

Once you have all your names typed you can print them all directly from the PowerPoint. When printing go to Design, then Slide Size, choose Standard, and then Maximize to be sure the covers print true to size and will fit the frosting containers.

After printing, laminate and cut out the covers. 
You are now ready to begin assembling your cans!
We like to start by taping one edge of the cover onto the can.
We then wrap the cover and tape securely on the other edge. We usually use scotch tape but packaging tape would work as well!

We will then type the sight words into a word document and send home with the children after they have been introduced. The children will cut out their sight words and keep in their can so they are ready to go at any time!
We also like to keep a Sight Word Can in the classroom for the children to practice during center time!

Click the image below to get your FREE Sight Word Covers! 
We hope you enjoy them! 
Thanks for visiting today!


  1. I love this idea!! I shared your post on Tailwind. IF I still taught first grade, I'd definitely use these. I'm teaching Digital Literacy this year!!

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